The Magic of who you Are

For me, the definition of “Spirituality” is ultimately one of being true to your unique and authentic nature. Being connected to your soul's wisdom, centered in your heart centre and open to and receiving your full life force. Spirituality is an acknowledgment that we are all part of one, great living entity. That, we are more than our minds. We are more than our bodies. We have a life force running through and between us and all living forms. We are a part of the Great Spirit of life and all there is and we need to live from that place, knowing that our very presence on this planet is having an impact and we can make a positive difference to our world. 

We are ALL connected and have all chosen to be present during this transformational time. It is now time to anchor our light and energy deep into the soul of Mother Earth and connect to her heart.

In order to support your journey towards the remembrance of who you truly are, I have consolidated my offerings into different types of sessions. However, it is strongly recommended that for your first session with me, if you are unsure as to whether to ask for a reading or a healing, that we book you in for what I like to call a "meeting with Spirit" session. The exact nature of your session will be discussed upon booking.


My standard offerings, once we have met in Spirit at your first appointment include:

Personal, Family & Couple's Spiritual Advisory work, Energy healings, Soul readings,  Metaphysical counseling and a number of Events & Retreats. I also have regular offerings of Silent Meditative walks in the forest, Shamanic Drumming and Sacred Healing Circles. All events are advertised in the events section of my Facebook page, so please look there for further information not available on this website.


Soul Readings & Metaphysical Counselling

For my reading offerings I currently separate them into 2 different types of sessions. These are based on my current client demands and may change over time as and when my guidance suggests. 

If you are wanting direction on the spiritual aspects of your life you may want to consider a soul reading, whereas the metaphysical counseling will offer more practical guidance on daily life issues and challenges. 

In the soul reading I connect with that part of yourself that is all knowing, that understands what you are here for and what is shown as your highest potential. These readings tap into your highest self, guides and the Universal energy field of Consciousness, in order to offer you information that provides clear guidance on what it is you need to know and understand about yourself in order to walk the spiritual path. The spiritual path is all about understanding your connection to all there is and to becoming aware of who you truly are and what it is you are here to do.

During the metaphysical reading and counseling session, we discuss the practical and day to day issues you may be faced with and using my clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities we connect with guidance that offers a very practical yet "other worldly" take on what is needed in terms of change, focus and direction. This type of reading is also generally very useful when looking at the business or employment aspect of your life. Corporate heads and business owners may also benefit from such a session as an alternate means of receiving guidance to determine strategy and direction. I was in the corporate field for 24 years and so have a very good understanding of the challenges faced, especially in the current economic and global environment.

I offer readings in person and via Skype. I connect directly to Source through the field of Universal energy, within a frequency of unconditional love, to provide you with information that is pertinent for your healing and raising of vibration. As with my healing, I always set the intention that the reading be for your highest good.


I find that my readings tend to be focused on what is important for you to know in order to fully express your authenticity and heart centred divine self. The soul only knows truth and for this reason, the information passed on cuts through all the stories and drama of the 3rd dimension and offers symbols and imagery to allow you access to the 4th and 5th dimensions of the heart and soul.


All reading consultations given are for educational and entertainment purposes only. The information cannot be guaranteed and is purely based on the interpretation of the information received during the session. I do not offer predictions nor foretell the future; all I can ever do is to provide a sense of the immediate energetic future from the information contained in the energetic field of my client and the information sourced from the Universal Field.


Spirit communication can come in many forms. Some intuitives will hear Spirit (clairaudience), some will see Spirit  (clairvoyance) and some will sense Spirit (clairsentience). I work with a combination of all three senses together with my inner knowing (claircognisance). In clairsentience and clairvoyance I will have to interpret the feeling or image sensed. In clairaudience I will relay the information heard. 


Readings provide you with information at this moment in time and cannot guarantee a set outcome. Life changes moment by moment dependent on the choices you make, acting according to free will with divine guidance and support.

"Lisa- Jane's sessions have been the most profound and positive experiences I have ever had. Thank you!" 

- Debbie


Energy Healing

"I honour you for doing this work with such integrity!!"

- Morgan

As a tree is a sentient being and transmutes negative into positive in the production of oxygen for us to breathe, so too must we begin a path of transforming, letting go and healing those parts of us that keep us stuck in the lower realms. It is time to heal. It is time to clear whatever it is we are holding onto that is no longer in our highest interests or for our highest good. It is time to remember our path, to walk our journey and embody our light. The soul only knows truth, and, whilst this may feel disconcerting, it offers us the opportunity to move towards our purpose in such a powerful and uplifting way.


Energy healing offers us the ability to work with that part of ourselves that is wise, compassionate and all-knowing. When we work with that part of us that is spirit, that is the anima which ignites our being with a passion and desire for life, we can change, manifest and create the future our hearts long for. We can begin to move away the blocks, impediments, thought patterns and beliefs that stop us reaching our fullest potential. Our energetic bodies can hold outdated patterns of behaviour and belief systems, it can hold resentments, attachments and connections to others that may be unhealthy for us. Once we work with lifting and clearing these from our energetic body we begin to open the channel for our highest vibration, our spiritual essence, to enter freely into our being.


Many clients mention that they feel “lighter” after an energy healing session and in fact, this is quite the case. I work with the energy body in order to lift vibrations of a heavier nature and enable a raising of vibration. 

It is often the unconscious, hidden or pushed aside emotions that end up stuck in our energy field and inhibiting our growth, even if we are trying very hard on the outside to shift the vibration. It is in trusting the deepest part of ourselves to know what needs transforming that deep healing can occur. Energy healing is so incredibly powerful yet so subtle that you may only become aware of the changes weeks after the healing, or you may feel the impact instantaneously.

As a healer, I act as a channel or portal for life force energy. The healing is performed off the body (physical touch only if necessary) and acts to release stuck/negative energy, energetic cords and any other lower vibrationary energy that may be blocking your true expression. The healing I offer works together with your own energetic body and field and can incorporate such healing modalities as cord cutting, spirit release, soul retrieval and ancestral healing. What is being offered in the healing session is not of consequence, what is important is that the healing I offer is guided by Spirit for your highest good and support in your soul’s journey. 


As a healer, I can only send or guide healing energy to where you need it, it is up to you to receive the healing and guidance which appears if you are ready. The healing itself can effect changes in the body, mind and spirit and can be used for any issue whether it be on a physical, mental or spiritual level.


I offer the healing both in person and distantly. Please read the Distant Healing section below for more information on how the distant healing is performed.


The healing which I offer is not intended to replace services offered by conventional medicine.


"I change or transform my life"


Distant Healings

Since the work I do is performed together with my soul, I can offer distant healing which is independent of time and space. In soul work many things can happen in a short period of time and when on a sacred healing journey to assist a client, great distances can be crossed quickly. Since time is a relative construct in the 5th dimension, time can expand or contract, and I can offer whatever healing or guidance is needed independent of these principles.


I liken my distance work to travelling on the web of life highway or network. After grounding myself and creating my sacred healing space I travel to the client by locating their soul resonance and light. The web of soul connections can be visually described as a series of interlinked golden orbs, with your specifc soul orb resonating with your unique vibration. I use your full name and date of birth to locate your exact spiritual placement within this matrix of life. I then encircle us together in the sacred and protected healing space and offer healing and information as I am guided to do so by Spirit. 


During this work my clients may or may not have any knowledge of my contact, although this may differ dependent on the client’s sensitivity to energy and their surroundings. 


The distant healing is as effective as a contact session and is recommended for younger children, adults who are incapacitated or for people who are not located in Cape Town. I have many overseas clients who regularly use my distant healing sessions to help clear their energetic bodies and to gain insight into the issues they need to focus on for their holistic health.


Couple's & Family Spiritual Counselling

"Lisa-Jane has been a remarkable positive enlightening experience for me."

- Gina


I believe we have reached a crisis. The couple and family unit as a co-dependent and manipulative unit is fast collapsing. It is time for us to be open, honest and authentic in the way we deal with our family and home. The way we raise our children is dependent both on the relationship to self and the "relating"ship we have with our partner/s and children. 


We need to be moving to a more conscious way of relating with one another, and in particular with our closest family members. It is time for a transparency that allows a conversation from the heart, to the heart of the significant other in our lives. In order to tap into this heart space and honesty, whilst embracing respect, compassion and sheer openness, I offer sacred couple's counseling.

These sessions are becoming ever more popular as a way to understand each other from a different perspective and in a different way to that which is explored during traditional psychotherapy. I tune into each of the individual's energy, as well as the energy of the relationship, to offer insight and guidance as to practical ways in which to increase intimacy, understanding and respect. 


If you are looking for an alternative method of exploring and healing aspects of your relationship/s, please email me directly to find out more about this service. This work can include parent/child as well as sibling relationships.

If we cannot treat our partners and immediate family with kindness and understanding, how do we expect to change the community in which we live and to raise caring and connected children. 


"We've all been given a gift, the gift of life. What we do with our lives, is our gift back"

"Thank you Lisa-Jane for playing an integral role in my personal development; your gentle and fun nature as well as depth of insight has invaluably aided my healing and progression towards living a heart-based life. I am so grateful to have your light encouraging and enhancing the light in me!"


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