Space & Land Clearing

Space clearing is a means by which stuck and/or unwanted energy is removed from a home, estate or office. Often there are energies that can interfere with a state of peace and harmony and can cause stress if they are not removed and sent to an appropriate place for healing and transformation. By maintaining a clear space in your home, there is no room for stagnation and a flow of energy is enabled which allows a closer alignment to the natural universal energy flow, bringing in aspects of expansion, joy and a sense of aliveness and vitality.

A clearing for your home imparts a gentle and calming effect, assisting in shifting any energies that interfere with creating a harmonious environment. Anything from an intense argument or a visit from a particularly challenging family member, can cause an upset in the natural flow and harmony of your home. A house clearing is also highly recommended should you be expecting a child and want to aid their transition into this world by creating a peaceful and energetically light filled space in which to receive the new family member.

Land clearing requires that I connect with and use the positive energetic ley lines to assist in bringing healing into an area. At present there are numerous sacred sites across the planet, and in particular here in South Africa, that are needing to be brought back into alignment with a higher vibration. This energy work requires me to maintain a very high vibration and work with symbolism and sacred geometry in order to clear portals, and align with the sacred key codes of the crystalline grid. I use my ability to communicate with the consciousness of land, water and other natural features in order to understand what clearing and connection I need to effect in order to alter the vibration of the land on which I am working. This is a very sacred and powerful part of my work and aligns to my powers of alchemy and transformation.

In the instance of a house, space or land clearing, please contact me directly so that I can gain insight as to the issues you would like addressed and your reasons for the clearing.


As with my healing work, I also work with space clearing distantly and have clients who regularly use this as a means to keep their homes and offices of the highest vibration.

Our business combines busy public and private spaces and accommodates major creative changes every few weeks, with considerable traffic in and out. Lisa-Jane offers our spaces gentle yet very profound assistance  in managing the energies of these transitions, helping staff to work harmoniously and keeping our offices clear of disruptive forces. She is flexible, kind and attentive in hearing our concerns and working to alleviate any problems we may be experiencing. We have come to rely on her insights as well as her openness and sensitivity to our spaces and the people who work within them. 


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