Trees as secret & wisdom keepers 🦋🌳🌿

Most of the posts I offer on this site are aligned to a way of being that can be described as “practical spirituality”. Whilst I understand there are many beings and entities of different frequencies that offer guidance and advice to those that attune themselves to channeling, my version of spirituality can best be aligned to a shamanic view that “Nature is God”. A view and belief that all beings in the natural world have spirits animating and empowering them and hold wisdom and guidance to support us on our journey of spiritual awakening and development.

I also have a strong opinion of what we need to do with advice and guidance that comes to those of us that have offered ourselves in service of acting as spiritual teachers. For me, it is all about offering information and guidance that helps us to “be the best possible human we can be”. In a world that is constantly changing and shedding old ways of being, including truths being harshly exposed and lives ripped open by transformational chaos, we can forget that we are all in this together. We are humans having a spiritual experience and the way forward is never escaping our humanness but more about embracing our humanness. Living from a place of compassion, respect and deep love for all beings, for all plant life and for all animal life. In this way, we are not separate from the Earth and her creations. We are an integral part of our earthly realm, and the realm of the stars and the sky above us and in which our planet spins.

The natural world is full of living, compassionate nature spirits who help the shaman divine answers to urgent life questions. These can be the voice of a bird, the sound of the wind and waves, or the whispers of the trees. For me, there is none so deeply connected to my own spiritual path and teachings than those of the trees I walk through in the forest.

You only need to take a walk in the forest yourself to find people chatting, talking and sharing with one another while the trees line your path. Have you ever stopped to wonder what the trees can offer you, how they are holding you as you express your fears, share your pain and generally talk about your life and what you are currently having to deal with. Trees are magnificent sentient beings, they have been here since the beginning and hold the secrets and whispers of our ancestors. They are more than willing to offer you guidance and clarity as you walk through their pathways and forest floors. If you allow yourself time to connect with a tree, to place your back against it, to hug it, you will feel the energy and pulse of life. You will also hear it speak to you if you give yourself the quietness of connection.

Trees are my guides, trees are my spiritual energy and they can also offer you such deep realizations if you allow yourself time to connect with them. Let each of us find time to reconnect with Nature. To connect with the secrets for the attainment of peace, contentment and spiritual connections which the trees hold in their secret whispers in the wind.

With love and blessings, Lisa-Jane

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