Trauma & Embodiment

Trauma & Embodiment 🥀

I have had a sense since the middle to end of 2017 that in terms of our spiritual growth and development, we are going through a process of embodiment.

What does this mean? Well, if we understand our soul and unique vibrational essence to be of a very high vibration, and our material world, and body, to be of a much lesser and denser vibration, then the embodiment process is bringing that higher vibration into connection, and anchoring within our physical bodies.

I don't believe that this process is smooth sailing for anyone, myself included. This process, as Rumi so aptly put it, is "the wound is where the light enters you".

Many people on a spiritual journey, or a search for spiritual awakening, may believe that once you are more aware, more "awake", then life will be simply magnificent. However, if we are more connected and awake, then there is more light we are bringing in. This light shines a torch on all those emotional and mental traumas that have been squashed deep down into our bodies. As part of the ascension and evolution in consciousness, we are currently and collectively going through a mass "shine the spotlight on" process. This process is asking us to acknowledge and move the traumas within our bodies to enable a deeper connection to our authenticity and in turn with each other.

This process doesn't mean that the traumas all need to be dredged up to face again, but it does mean that you move slowly and gently through this awareness, in greater communication with your body. Find practitioners who can assist with this if you feel you can't do it alone. Spend time communicating with your body (we are generally not good at this) and ask your dreams to provide you with deeper insights.

This process is profound and can really leave you with a feeling of greater connection and peace, but it does need to be seen as a sacred journey, approached with patience and trust.

Shamanic journeying can be extremely helpful in dealing with internalized trauma and finding ways to understand it. If you feel you would like to try this way of healing then please contact me to organize a session.

We can and we must work on ourselves in order to lift our community and country to the next level of love, respect and connection.

I wish you a blessed week ahead, Lisa-Jane 💜🌟

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