The Evolution of Humans & the Heart Centre

New 7 year cycle - 2019-2026 We are entering a new place. A place that humanity has not experienced for hundreds of thousands of years. A place where we are governed by our hearts, by our souls. I have always believed that the evolution of humanity involves the evolution of the mind and consciousness. In fact, it is the only way we can evolve. The use of our minds, or rather our "higher mind" is going to be of utmost importance for stepping into this next cycle. We are being asked to move forward, to move beyond the stories, drama and busyness that we may find ourselves in, and move rather into a place of purpose, a place of connection and a place of love. Many are now feeling the need to change. Many are experiencing life as a turbulent movement of things away from them, or perhaps things towards them. Whilst we may not know exactly what our purpose is, we can feel our way forward, step by step, by following our heart. How do we do this? Well, we begin to experience ourselves as energetic beings. We listen to the quiet nudges and whisperings from Spirit. How will you know when you are following your heart - well, when the decision, or step you take makes you FEEL expanded. When you are doing, saying or acting from a place that is not heart centre, you will FEEL constricted and closed off, shut down and disconnected. This feeling is not an emotion as such, it is more a sense of being aligned. Expanding into a place where the authentic voice of your heart and soul feels happy and content. So, try and take some time for yourself, in solitude, preferably in Nature, since being in Nature is being in a place of Coherence, Balance and Connection, and connect with what makes you feel expanded. Sit with decisions that need to be made, imagine what that decision would look and feel like in your minds eye, and then, tune into how this decision or way forward makes you FEEL. Try to trust that sense, over and above what your conscious mind may be chattering to you. The heart never lies. The heart is LOVE. The heart is CONNECTION. The heart is - ALL THERE IS Step into your life today with the deepest gratitude for the choices you have, for the opportunities ahead of you, and for the presence of your breath. Wherever possible, align to your hearts wisdom and trust in this. You woke up today, is that not a true blessing in itself đź’ś With deepest love and blessings to you all, Lisa-Jane

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