New Moon 26th November 2019

You may be feeling a certain frustration, anxiety or tension around certain issues in your life that you may not have faced up to. We are human and sometimes we tend more towards procrastination than to action orientated and disciplined change, especially when it means we need to let go of something that has become a habit or way of showing up.

The new moon on Tuesday is the last new moon before the solar eclipse in December. Now is the time to act since 2020 is fast approaching and it will, and already has, bring in powerful new energies that will no longer support old ways of being.

If you know of a habit, belief or way of behaving that is self defeating or leads you to a space of beating yourself up or berating yourself for those behaviours, then find a way to let it go. Not from a place of anger or irritation, but from a place of knowing the change is in your best interests and will take you to a place that is more aligned to your highest potential.

What you are now is what you have been doing, and what you will be tomorrow is what you are doing today, make it count.

Sending love and blessings to you and looking forward to our drumming journey tonight for those who are attending.

Have a happy Sunday, Lisa-Jane đź’•

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