Human Evolution and the Corona Initiation

As a psychic, or seer, as I would rather be called, of energy and energetic patterns, I have long been aware of a process of human evolution and transformation. This has been brought to the rapid attention of all humans by the current activity of the corona energetic imprint. Now while I could discuss what it means, where it will lead to and that we are indeed probably in the most intense phase of human, societal, economic and natural change, I want to focus on only one thing, and that is “the power of your mind” or that energetic aspect of yourself that is vibrational. Many texts have been written about the power of your mind to create your reality and now, with the global wave of fear, there is no greater time to begin to work with this aspect of yourself. Thoughts create things. Your way of perceiving the world creates your reality, so there is no other way to deal with what is currently going on, than to consider how you are thinking about what is going on. I am not saying it will be easy. I am not saying it won’t be scary. But I do know, since I see this in all my clients and in my energetic work, that there is light in you, a power in you, an energetic template in you, which offers the solution to moving towards healing. You will get through this. You have the capacity within you. Get to know yourself, quietly, calmly, and with the deepest knowing that you are a miracle of creation, that you have more power than you can ever imagine. I believe in you. I see you. This is my work. To show you your LIGHT. To show you your POWER. And to show you, that each and every one of you IS the change the world is looking for.

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