Breathe.Believe.Be Present

States and ways of being that can change your life. And it doesn't have to be complicated. The breath is the highway along which our soul travels and if we begin to offer ourselves the space and time to recognise this, we will begin to feel more present and alive.

When I have tried to introduce people who are stressed to some form of conscious breathing they invariably find it incredibly difficult. When people are in such a heightened state of anxiety, they hold their breath. This leads to a vicious cycle of stress from which they cannot escape.

As a licensed Heartmath coach I was introduced to the concept of coherent breathing. If practised, this state of breathing has been proven to reduce stress and bring one into a more calmer and present way of being.

Commit to one form of being present this year and practise it with diligence, commitment and self love. Commit to yourself and not to the practise, this also changes the energy behind the practise to one of compassion as oppose to discipline or a form of self punishment.

The steps for the breathing technique are as follows: 1) Breathe so that the duration of your inhalation and exhalation is of the same duration 2) Focus your attention on your chest area as if you are breathing in and out from this place 3) Think of someone/something you love and hold that emotion Do this for at least 10 minutes a day and as you become more proficient you can begin to do it anywhere, no matter what you are doing.

Honour yourself by practising self care that brings powerful changes and a move to a more connected and spiritual human being.

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