Alchemy & Us as Magicians

Alchemy is not a process which is out of reach.. It is the process by which you manifest your destiny with the power of thought, intention and belief

So many people disregard the power of their thoughts and see them as just some random or not so random, words that are running through their brain. What not many people understand though, is that the stream of thought can be likened to waving a magic wand in the direction of the Universe. And whilst this idea may feel threatening if you are not in control of our thoughts. It is extremely powerful if you can begin to tap into the way your thoughts are directed and controlled. Every thought is a creation process. And, like an artist chooses the colour palette they are going to work with, begin to see your thoughts as the streams of creation that they are. Become more disciplined in your approach to your way of thinking. Determine times and situations, or people you are with, which make you feel down hearted, negative and doubtful. Instead, steer yourself towards a place where your thoughts can be creative sources of a new and magical path. Take this process seriously. Really commit to change and instill in your day a regimin of taking stock of your thoughts for the day and replacing a negative with a positive pattern. Thoughts are energetic streams of consciousness and everything is energy. Work with the power of this truth and see the changes manifest. With love and blessings for a magical rest of week, Lisa-Jane 🦄🙏✨

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