A bit about who I am..

I use and work with Spirit in all its forms. Be it the Spirit of Mother Earth, and the surrounds I find myself in, or the Spirit of your unique presence. I  am able to bridge the physical and non physical worlds, connecting with Spirit, to bring in healing and wisdom from the Creative Universe and all forms of Spirit. For this work, I am fully present and aware of the connections I am making and the information I am receiving.

As much as I have found myself a blonde haired white Celtic immigrant to this land called Africa, it is in my blood. My path led me to find my roots here, at the foot of Table Mountain, and begin to practice my own form of Shamanic work. I use my gifts to connect with my client and the larger Universal field. I am a regular mom of 3 teenage children, doing all the things that are required to successfully manage and take care of my life and loved ones. But, underneath everything, underlying my daily routine and interactions with others and my work, runs a very deep belief that Spirit creates the physical world and that we are all part of a single, very powerful and connected web of life.

For most of my life I have been interested in how we found ourselves here on this planet, what spirituality means to me and how we are connected to each other. Whether it began in the safe confines of a convent school, or continuing with my interest in the outdoors and doing numerous hiking trails in Mpumalanga beginning at the tender age of 11, on my own, away from family, or as part of my academic career in obtaining a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Archaeology and Environmental Science, a curiosity and love of life have always been part of my make up.


After numerous major life events, the sudden death of my father, the break up of a marriage of 20 plus years, completing an international certificate in energy healing and leaving a professional and successful career in corporate IT, I found myself realising the depth of my abilities, and began accessing and communicating with the Spiritual realms on a daily basis in my work as a healer,  teacher and intuitive guide.

My connection runs central to the work I do and in my life in general. On a daily basis I connect with all there is, whether it is sending gratitude to the yellowwood tree outside my healing room, or blessing the river as I walk past it in the morning whilst up the mountain. I spend much time in the forests and on the slopes of Table Mountain; connecting to my inner voice and that of Spirit, and the animal, bird and plant realms

My one and only belief is that we are all borne of a single, creative force. We are all pulses of energy and we are all part of the great magnificence that is creation. We are all entangled and we all have the possibility of connecting with our unique abilities and manifesting the life we desire for ourselves and for all of humankind. We are ALL part of the web of life.

Since we are all connected, how we think, talk, act and behave affects each one of us and all there is. Let us begin to recognise there is healing to be done that will assist with our connection to All There Is, and, in healing ourselves, we heal others.


Your unique vibration holds the imprint of your life and all of your lifetimes. Spirit is the state of perfection and can also otherwise be known generally as Energy or Consciousness. May we all work with ourselves to bring about an increase in awareness and Consciouness for the benefit and upliftment of all.

I set the intention to empower, enlighten and assist you to see your light, soul essence and the truth of who you are. I am merely a guide that enables you to see this power and unlimited potential within you, to help you see the Light that is You!

Life is a Gift

Life is a gift. See the awe, the beauty and the majesty in all life forms. Life is a sacred blessing. Treasure, honour and bless your life, whatever space you may be in. You are here to shine your light, the world needs you to be yourself. To stand in the glory and full knowledge that your energetic vibration counts. What you send out is received by others, make it count.

I see you, Lisa-Jane

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