International Work

I am blessed to work with many clients who live outside of South Africa, from countries such as  the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Australia, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Since the work I do is performed together with my soul, I can offer distant healing & spiritual readings or mentoring, independent of time and space. In soul work many things can happen in a short period of time and when on a sacred healing journey to assist a client, great distances can be crossed quickly.


 I have many overseas clients who regularly use my distant healing sessions to help clear their energetic bodies and to gain insight into the issues they need to focus on for their holistic health.

The spiritual reading and mentoring work is performed through a Skype, Zoom or even WhatsApp video session and is extremely powerful and can be done no matter where you are physically located, as the below references bear testimony. 


Overseas clients are more than welcome to contact me directly for information on duration and fees.

Distant Healings

"I have seen many healers over the years and I can honestly say that Lisa-Jane has helped me enormously with some very challenging situations - some which needed clearing from the past and others which I need help with now. I am now in the U.K. and I was not sure how distant healing would work for me - but it has been just as powerful - sometimes I think even more powerful energetically. I check in regularly to keep my energy cleared or when I have something come up for me. I trust Lisa-Jane implicitly and this is not easy when considering who to work with on sensitive and challenging matters. I don't trust just anyone to work with my energy. I highly recommend Lisa-Jane and have recommended her to my friends. She is the real deal!"


United Kingdom

Spiritual Mentoring 

"When I came to Capetown on a solo travel adventure following my father's passing, Lisa-Jane was recommended to me. I am so blessed that a series of fortunate and synchronistic events led me to her. Our first meeting in Capetown was everything it should be: insightful, healing, a blessing-magical really. When I returned to the States I felt a sincere pull to keep our relationship going. I was hesitant at first because I have never participated in distance healings or readings and was apprehensive about the work and possible results. 


While my apprehension is understandable, our work together has been as affirming, as on target than that first meeting when we were sitting face-to-face in Lisa-Jane's office. The magic hasn't stopped. I am serious. If you are weary or afraid of trying a distance spiritual mentoring session, I ask you to embrace the unknown. Go for it. I believe our sessions and the "client/mentor" that has developed continues to be one of the greatest blessings I have received as of late. "


With sincerest gratitude and love,



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