Walking with Death is a profound calling

In the realm of spiritual work a lot of individuals choose to focus only on the light and ascension, assisting in the awakening of the individual into their highest potential and divine essense. This IS the main focus of my work currently, and it is the reason why I stepped into the field of healing after spending more than 24 years in the corporate field as an IT professional.  


Yet, I am being deeply and intimately guided into assisting passed/passing souls. This may be in offering information and healing to their loved ones left behind, or in assisting people who are in the process of dying, to connect with themselves in a different way.


This is not necessarily something I had intended with my healing work, yet somehow I felt a deep sense of knowing in my inner being that I would at some point be doing this work. It is deeply sacred.

 I have faced death on a number of occasions in my personal life and I have always viewed it as a sacred transition, much like the birth of a new baby. On an early morning meditation I received the words “caretaker of souls” and I believe this is a large part of my work. Whether it is holding individuals in their deeply personal process of transformation and spiritual growth, or assisting people who are on the boundary of the physical and non-physical worlds, and assisting them during this process.

This work for me occurred naturally. In my healing practise I have offered energy work and healing to assist clients dealing with grief, often these sessions bring through information from their loved one/ones in Spirit. These experiences have always been deeply humbling whilst also being extremely rewarding.

This kind of work seems to be generally ascribed to a medium, and yet, I do not see myself performing that role. The role I play can best be described by a little known, yet interesting word, “Psychopomp”. In Jungian psychology, the psychopomp is a mediator between the unconscious and conscious realms. 

To pass over is as sacred and blessed as is a new birth, for it is returning home and to some extent, can also be a new birth, if we have done our work in the previous life and are ready to move up the ladder of soul evolution.

If you are needing some energetic healing, support and guidance after a loved one has passed or are needing someone to walk alongside your loved one as they move through this process, I would be more than honoured to assist you. 

This is not work that a lot of people are comfortable in dealing with but I hold this work that I offer in the highest regard for its sacredness. I am compassionate, gentle and work with the highest integrity and authenticity, whilst also holding space for those who will be facing the loss.

Also know that I align myself to no specific religion and see clients from a number of different faiths. I do however, believe that we are divine beings, orginating and returning to creator Source energy. Even if your relative is an atheist, this will not impede the work I do since I will work with however they wish to move during this time. 

Please contact me directly for options with regards to sessions and pricing, much light and blessings, Lisa-Jane

"After losing the man I loved as much as life itself Lisa-Jane held me in such a compassionate and heart warming way. I saw her regularly for a few months and through her work, her depth of empathy and understanding I was able to hold myself gently during what was one of the most challenging and painful experiences. I still have such heartfelt gratitude for the way Lisa-Jane worked with me."


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