Everything is energy and all of life is connected

I am blessed to offer my healing and energy work from the foot of Table Mountain, between 2 great oceans of water. I act as a channel to connect you with the world of Consciousness, that which is unseen yet constantly available to us for information and guidance. I offer this in order to bring about healing, spiritual growth and to create a place for understanding your life lessons and increasing your awareness of self. Africa is my land, the place where my Spirit connects deeply to Mother Earth.

Planet Earth is a sacred and conscious entity and it is our home, she is our “Great Mother”. As she gives us life, we return the blessing with honouring her and treating our home with love, respect and care. As we each have our own chakra system, so too does Planet Earth. In addition to the 7 chakras across the globe, there are 4 main energy vortices, representing the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Table Mountain is believed to be the Earth wheel, sending out nurturing energy and pulsing forth light. The Air wheel is believed to reach from Egypt’s Great Pyramid to the Mount of Olives in Israel, bringing in and radiating intellectual and abstract energies. New Zealand’s Lake Rotopounamu represents the Water Wheel and radiates love and intuitive energy, while in Hawaii the fiery Haleakala Crater is believed to represent the Fire wheel and is a centre for masculine energy and will. 

I spend much time on this sacred mountain of my home, not only gathering wisdom, energy and guidance but also to use as a portal to send out peaceful and positive intentions, extending far beyond the borders of my wonderful city and country. I look forward to connecting with you and to assisting you to create the life you dream of, Lisa-Jane

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