Lisa-Jane, Healer and Spiritual Guide 

I am a healer and spiritual guide and I am affiliated to the White Rose and, as the wisdom unfolds in my life, to the ancient wisdom aligned to Magdalene Consciousness. I work with both the divine feminine and the divine masculine aspects of Cosmic intelligence, held within the field of Unity Consciousness. In my healing, I work with the White fire, associated symbolically with the White Rose, to bring about transformational healing, removing all impurities of the soul, and clearing a path for the expression of your true vibrational blueprint. I align to the truth that your only path is to realise the God, or Light within, and to allow this life force of Love, Power and Wisdom to flow through you, for the benefit of self and all you choose to be of service to. 


As a human, I have lived many thousands of lifetimes and my spiritual ancestry dates back to the earliest human presence on the continent of Africa, where I now find myself, working from my practice in Cape Town, South Africa. I am committed to be of service as a healer and spiritual guide and I am blessed to have clients placed all around the globe.


My nurturing nature and the desire to be of compassionate service is the foundation of my practise. I offer healing which enables you to align to the expression of your highest purpose, living in service as a human via the expression of your soul. I believe in the concept of being both mundanely human and uniquely divine, combining both spirit and matter in a seamless connection of peaceful living with all beings, from a place of respect, kindness, compassion and love.


I am also a curious human and for as long as I can remember, I have been a mystic in search of the Nature of God. On my curious meanderings I have studied at various institutions and hold a Bachelor of Science, Honours degree from the University of Cape Town and a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona, as well as a practicing ministerial diploma. I am also a qualified energy healer, after acquiring a certificate with distinction in healing from the School of Intuition and Healing in the United Kingdom, registered with the British Alliance of Healing Associations.

If you are on a spiritual path of awakening and are committed to the transformation of self and the move towards a more authentic way of being, I am here for you. This is not a path to be taken lightly and transformations will happen. The world needs you to be your bravest self and to walk forwards with courage and the knowledge that God is not some omnipresent being outside of you, God is within you. I set the intention to empower, enlighten and assist you to see your light, soul essence and the truth of who you are. I am merely a guide that enables you to see this power and unlimited potential within you, to help you see the Light that is You...You are what the world is waiting for.

I see you, Lisa-Jane​.

The Spiritual Heart

The heart field is currently opening and expanding for many people on the planet, and can be termed their first "spiritual awakening". It is my belief that our heart energy field is the place through which all healing occurs and it is the place to which we must all return in order to find our soul's truth. The heart is also the seat, or anchor point of the soul, and if this centre remains closed, we may never know our true spiritual purpose. It is therefore the opening and healing of the heart centre which is necessary in order to begin working with the soul. 


Our heart centre is our spiritual field of perception, and it both receives and transmits information, with our higher mind being used to interpret this information and the wisdom which this centre holds. As a single, conscious field, humanity is moving to a place of the "spiritual heart", which is an all encompassing field or LightBody, and ultimately this will lead to a unified and divinely guided conscious field, holding all of humanity in it's embrace of love, peace and respect for all life. 

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